Thursday, December 24, 2009

68 Chevrolet Panel Truck Restoration

Well not a muscle car but it is one of favorite vehicle. Gr8 truck does it all. Tows the Bayliner no problem. today i did a small weatherstrip installation job. This truck has double back doors sweet for tailgating. cleaned the door of dirt then glued in the right hand rear door weatherstrip. Closed the door while it dries. Also installed a new master cylinder. First i bled the master adjusted the pedal and bled the brakes. One problem i could not get was the passenger bleeder screw loose. Then i lubed the front end put in new seat covers but they don't fit as well as expected. still can't figure how to fix the gas gauge. when i installed the new gas tank it was working then.

started to change to new spark plugs. Finished 4 with correct gap and anti seize.
01/24/2010 New issue truck runs only idle's with choke on.
fixed idle issue increased idle speed. Changed oil with Valvoline max life synthetic blend motor oil and used a Fram PH5 3X extra guard oil filter milage at change was 19349.3

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