Thursday, December 24, 2009

65 Ford Mustang Maintenance And Restoration

Where do I begin I have had this car for around 5 years and have done many improvements. My friend Dave at mustang City has really helped with advice and many of the new parts. Including the following parts new radiator, New window crank, window rollers, rear curtisey lens, let alone all the new engine restoration parts new head gaskets, water temp thermostat gauge, gas pump, timing chain, spark plugs, oil and filter, fan shroud, exhaust gaskets, with exhaust doughnuts Test drove heater and defroster work well with that new heater core. window rolls up and down perfect. Now to register it Also have a brake booster to install next i tell u how that installation goes
01/12/2010 replaced ford mustang air cleaner with original stock item. Primer painted the trunk and then Vanessa waxed the car.
01/24/2010 installed new spark plug wires.

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